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For the ultimate self care and relaxation. Experience 1hr45 of bliss with a combined Reiki and Reflexology session.

1hr45min- £75

AROMA REFLEX (AromatherapyReflexology)

A wonderful treatment incorporating all the benefits of reflexology with aromatherapy essential oils to support your health needs.

We will energy test which oils are most beneficial for your treatment. Your personalised blend will be applied throughout your reflexology session.

The price includes a pot of your aftercare blend to maximise the benefits at home.

Suitable for hormonal issues, aches & pains, stress & relaxation

75mins - £55

Reflexology. AromaReflex

5 Elements Reflexology (TCM) & Moxa

Incorporating TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Five Elements into Reflexology.

Using a range of acupressure points to support your health concerns and also calm the mind and emotions.

Moxibustion can also be added to complement the treatment.

Moxa is said to add in extra energy into your system. The infrared heat flows into your body through the skin producing a pleasant, warm, palpable influx of energy. Good for chronic pain, lack of energy (conditions like chronic fatigue), insomnia, chills, stomach aches and back pain.

Restore your body and spirit with 5 element reflexology
75mins – £55

Reflexology. FiveElement

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