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Reflex Lymph Drainage. RLD (old)


An award winning, evidence based technique, researched and developed by Sally Kay.

For anyone experiencing Secondary Lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment. RLD mimics the sequences used in SLD (simple lymphatic drainage) except this is done via the feet or hands. There is no massage or manipulation involved, just a lovely relaxing, light and gentle touch. RLD stimulates the flow of the lymphatics aiding reduction of swelling.

Clinical trials have shown a positive reduction in swelling and wellbeing, with results comparable to MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) .

Clients have also reported positive feedback with Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and chemo induced peripheral neuropathy as well as a reduction in aches and pains from hormonal medications.

RLD also appears to help with 'cording' after surgery and post operative healing including cosmetic surgery (breast/tummy tuck)

I am local to Swindon, Shrivenham/Oxfordshire.

What is Secondary Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a swelling that develops as a result of an impaired lymphatic system. This may be as a result of the lymphatic system not developing properly or through damage or trauma. It can affect any part of the body but is most commonly seen in an arm or a leg.

For more information, advice and tips, please visit The lymphoedema Support Network

RLD may also be useful with the following conditions

Chronic fatigue
Sinus problems
Muscular tension
Aches and pains
Premenstrual Syndrome
Post op recovery for tummy tuck & breast augmentation

As an additional treatment, I can combine RLD with AromaReflex (essential oils) for specific conditions.

75mins - £55

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